Jake Freeman

Offenses dominate as the Bixby Spartans JV Outscore Owasso 13-12 Scoreboard operators were busy at Home on Monday as the Bixby Spartans JV and Owasso combined for 25 runs. Bixby Spartans JV eventually won the offensive battle 13-12 in seven innings. Hitters on both sides were strong at the plate as the teams combined for 24 hits, including seven extra base hits. Jake Freeman racked up three RBIs on two hits for the Bixby Spartans JV. He singled in the sixth and seventh innings. Powered by Narrative Science and GameChanger Media. Copyright 2013.

Batting 2B: Z. Richwine, J. Mauldin 3B: L. Roden TB: C. Garland 2, L. Roden 3, L. Pylate 2, Z. Richwine 2, J. Mauldin 2, J. Freeman 2, A. Grotts RBI: C. Garland 3, A. Walsh, L. Roden, L. Pylate, J. Mauldin 2, J. Freeman 3 SAC: C. Garland, T. Doyle ROE: A. Grotts FC: A. Walsh, L. Roden, J. Mauldin HBP: J. Droll 2 SB: C. Garland 2, T. Doyle